• Ripley

  • Dear Student and Parents,

    Welcome to New Buffalo High School. In 2019, our high school was recognized by the United States Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. The teachers and the staff are outstanding and very capable of delivering a world-class education. Will you accept the challenge to push yourself to be your best?

    I am excited to be the new high school principal at New Buffalo. Even though this is my first year as the New Buffalo High School principal, this is my fourth year as an administrator. Prior to being an administration, I was a teacher at New Buffalo High School for 17 years. I grew up in New Buffalo and I am very proud of what our school means to this community. Our small school provides tremendous opportunities for all students. Furthermore, we make an intentional effort to have all students find their passions.

    Our school improvement goal for the 2022-23 school year is “to support the whole-child in order for every student to feel attachment and to belong”. Our school has approximately 180 students and 25 teachers. We strive to have the best high school possible by teaching the whole child and helping students create positive school experiences. Academically, we continue to work at improving student growth and achievement on PSAT, SAT and the M-Step. In an effort to prepare for opportunities beyond high school, our teachers work diligently at providing rich experiences and well-aligned lessons to the state standards. You will receive authentic experiences and strong support in your time at New Buffalo High School. One tool that we employ for each student is Naviance. This program allows you to hone in on your talents, conduct research in various fields of employment and study and even match you with potential post-secondary careers and education.

    We are fortunate to be a 1-to-1 computing school. Each student in the high school has a MacBook Air computer. Students are able to use this laptop for their entire four years of high school. That said, we are preparing you for life beyond high school and many of your textbooks and much of your work will be done and submitted online. We understand that you are digital natives - you have always had computers in your lives. Please keep in mind that we are going to grow you while preparing you for life beyond high school.

    If you are struggling, we have ways to deliver assistance. We have a built-in time daily so that students are able to meet with their teachers for additional help, to clarify any questions that need to be addressed and to complete assignments. Your teachers are very responsive to your needs and will help you navigate through coursework.

    We have two counselors in our school as well. Ms. Price is our guidance counselor. She is here to help you with scheduling, testing and college / career search. She is also a source for applications to scholarships and financial aid. Mrs. Cunningham is our social worker. She spends her days attending to our goal of teaching the whole child. If you need to sort through something and you are not sure where to start, Mrs. Cunningham is a great resource for you. We also have a student advocate, Geri Lucas, who provides additional support for student needs. She is a voice for each child as they navigate their way through high school.

    Parents, I use a weekly newsletter named "Bison Bits" to share out successes. Bison Bits also provides a calendar of upcoming events. Periodically, I host a Parent Advisory Group meeting. We discuss the concerns and problems of the season. This is a great time for parents to sit and discuss, ask questions and share dialogue with other parents.

    Student safety is one of our highest priorities. We are fortunate to have a school resource officer, Mr. Russ Tillery. Officer Tillery is a career law enforcement officer who loves to work with students. He truly sees working in the school as 'giving back' to the community. Please say hello to him when you see him at events.

    One of the strongest predictors of success in high school is participation. Get involved and participate in some of the many offerings here at New Buffalo High School. We offer fourteen sports and sixteen clubs at New Buffalo High School, I am confident that we have something for everyone.

    I look forward to working with you and your family to make high school a positive and rewarding experience. Reach out to me with any questions or concerns by talking to me at school, by email tripley@nbas.org or by phone at 269-469-6001. Let's have a great school year.


    Tracy L. Ripley, Ed. S
    New Buffalo High School Principal