• New Buffalo Elementary School Counseling Services

    Role of the School Counselor:

    Our counselor, Mrs. Robertson helps students discover their strengths, learn how to make decisions, develop effective study skills, make and keep friends, and resolve conflicts peacefully. She is here to help families find the resources they need to make sure all students succeed.

    Services Provided:

    Individualized Counseling- consists of one on one time with students on a variety of issues. Students can refer themselves by asking or filling out a form, teachers or administration can refer a student (immediately for crisis), and parents can request services for their child by completing a form, calling, or emailing.

    Small Group Counseling- 3 or more students with similar issues will work together to help resolve the issues they are facing during their lunchtime. The counselor relies on the teachers to suggest students and for input on topics. The counselor also has students complete a self-assessment during guidance time in the beginning of the year, to determine what topics may be of need during small group guidance time.

    Classroom Lessons- each classroom lesson is developed for the specific grade. The main focus is to build conflict resolution skills and understand the monthly good citizenship traits, so that the classroom environment is conducive to learning. Kelso’s/KC’s Choices, Second Step, and Mind Up are the main curriculum-based programs used.

    Parent/Teacher Consultation- Parents and teachers may seek out information or suggestions from the counselor to use with their child/student(s). If necessary, formal behavioral interventions or academic concerns will be analyzed and updated every six weeks in a child study or behavioral plan meeting facilitated by Mrs. Robertson.

    Contact Information: arobertson@nbas.org 269-469-6074