JANUARY 10, 2023

    January 10, 2023          Initial Posting of Superintendent Vacancy to Various Sites

    January 17, 2023          Input Due on Three Questions from Board of Education

    January 23-27, 2023      Input Gathered via Website from Public

    1. What are the unique skills, qualifications and characteristics desired of the new superintendent?
    2. What are the challenges facing the New Buffalo Area Schools in the next three (3) to five (5) years?
    3. What are the Points of Pride for the New Buffalo Area Schools?

    January 25, 2023          Focus Group Meetings

    February 1, 2023          Electronic Brochure added to Posting/Profile 

    March 17, 2023             Posting Closes at 4:00 pm

    March 28, 2023             Presentation of Candidates to Board – Time to be determined (Early Start Time)
                                                    -Selection of 4 to 6 candidates to be interviewed
                                                    -Preparation for Interviews
                                                    -Finalize Questions for First Round

    April 11-13, 2023          First Round Interviews – Times to be determined

    April 20, 2023               Final Interviews – Times to be determined
                                                    -Visitation/Open House prior to final interview
                                                    -Selection of Candidate
                                                    -Contract Negotiations

    ????                             Special Board Meeting to hire new Superintendent

    July 1, 2023                  Start Day for new Superintendent